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Access Control Systems

It can be difficult to secure your premises when a number of persons required access to varying areas and a range of times.

Commercial premises can benefit from an access control system to monitor and control the flow of persons using code entry, swipe cards, proximity key-fobs or biometric identification.

Staff reporting can be incorporated for time management, key staff location, hazardous area control and lone worker protection.

With experience in bank security, gate automation and child care facilities, we are able to offer a complete advisory, installation and maintenance solution to suit your requirements.

Door Control

Doors may be controlled using a wide variety of equipment including magnetic or solenoid locks, emergency release points and press-to-exit buttons in order to control the flow of persons into or out of an area.

Means of Access

Depending on your requirements access may be gained using code entry, card swipe, proximity tag, finger print scan or iris scan.The access each person is authorised for may be tailored for various purposes as well as simply letting them in, ie which areas, air-lock facilities, location monitoring or time & attendance purposes.

Multiple  Areas

Systems can vary from single door systems to large multiple area commercial premises with large staffing levels. Contact us for further details.