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CCTV systems

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television, has become a very common fixture due to falling equipment prices and high value as a visual deterrent to crime and anti-social behaviour.

Increasingly common in commercial and residential properties, CCTV can give the dual advantage of  peace-of-mind along with visual deterrence.

Whilst usually secondary to an intruder alarm system, CCTV helps to make a premises less appealing for break-in & vandalism often pre-empting the start of such problems.

Camera types

Cameras can be large & visible like the ones seen in many city centres, or they can be small and discrete to give a more aesthetic installation. Choosing the camera type, the lens setup, the lighting method and the  most suitable location all contribute to provide an effective solution giving clear CCTV images,

Recording devices

Long gone are the days when we needed large piles of video cassettes and the which needed to be rotated daily. With advances in technology, today's digital-video-recorders use hard-disc-drives and manage themselves completely automatically

Access to images

Most DVRs now can be linked up to a standard TV or a PC monitor making it easy to review video footage if required. However, if connected to your internet router they can be accessed by any of your PCs on your home network, saving even the requirement for a dedicated monitor. In addition, depending on you internet setup, you may also access the system remotely via Smartphone or PC from anywhere in the world.