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Fire alarm systems

Fire safety is of critical importance in the home and workplace and is overseen by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 where a Responsible Person must be appointed and annual Risk Assessments must be carried out.

We are able to arrange Fire Safety Risk assessments and then guide you through any fire detection requirements that may arise. Both initial installation and then ongoing routine maintenance are essential to maintain legislative compliance.

Our systems are certified to BS5839 2013 whether part 1 (general buildings) or part 6 (dwelling places).

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Domestic systems

The simplest form of automatic fire detection is based on domestic or residential smoke and heat alarms. Use in systems compliant with BS5839 Part 6 in the UK, they may vary from an individual battery powered standalone detector, through mains powered to the more comprehensive variants incorporating mains power, battery back-up and interlinking. Costs are low and the value in protecting the lives of your family and loved ones is very high.

Conventional systems

These systems offer a simple approach with low cost equipment and are suitable for small commercial premises, However, as the system size increases the installation becomes quite costly due to the nature of the system cabling where each area is connected back to the control panel. Conventional systems have been around for many years and are usually simple and reliable as long as well planned and installed professionally

Addressable systems

Addressable systems offer sophisticated programmable technology which may be configured to suit individual requirements. Individual device descriptions aid device location in emergency and settings may be  configured for each detector from the control panel to minimise unwanted disruption. Whilst equipment costs are relatively high, large savings may be made in installation costs, giving reductions in overall cost for medium to large systems.

Wireless systems

Wireless systems offer a much reduced installation cost with very little disruption and mess. However, they are not suitable for all premises and a full radio signal transmission survey must be carried out. All of our radio surveys are fully underwritten, meaning that if we get it wrong we wont be making any additional charges.

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