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Intercom and Entry Systems

Whether at home in an apartment or in your business premises, a door intercom system can save a lot of effort and running round every time the door bell rings (especially if you are a couple of floors up!).

Speak to and view the caller from your chosen location and decide if you wish to allow them access, giving you reductions in effort and improvements in safety.

Multiple apartment complexes are no problem as the entry console can connect to a number of residences giving each an individual call button, two way voice communications and internal video display if required.

If this sounds like a good idea for you, call us now and see how we can help.

Voice Entry

At the simple end of the scale we can offer a voice intercom system and the possibility to open the door from inside with a lock release facility.

Video Entry

For improved identification of persons a video intercom system gives both audio and video communication allowing visual clarification of callers.

Multiple Areas

For larger complexes of many areas, the intercom phone in each apartment  may be connected to a multiple apartment intercom unit by the entrance door rather than requiring many individual units.

Remote Entry

For unmanned sites or when away from home, we can arrange to connect the system seamlessly directly to your mobile phone giving the caller no hint that you are not even in the premises.