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Intruder alarm systems

A professionally installed and maintained intruder alarm system makes you less likely to become a victim of burglary. This has been verified by independent study and is supported by Police advice. However, how do you decide on the best type of system for your individual situation?

Budget, location, type of home, required level of protection: these are all questions we take into account when advising you.  For many situations a visible deterrent with ‘bells-only’ response is sufficient, but we can also offer a range of signalling systems from SMS & Voice auto-diallers up to dual-monitoring through a certified Alarm Receiving Centre.

Generally we would recommend a hard-wired system for simplicity and long-term reliability but we have a range of modern wireless systems which reduce the disruption during installation and are well proven in operation.

Hard Wired systems

Installing a hard-wired system requires some degree of skill to hide the cabling  required to physically connect the devices together but gives a good long-term solution with minimal maintenance requirements. Our experience with this type of installation in both domestic & commercial applications will ensure a trouble free installation leaving very little visible sign of the work involved. We have to make a certain amount of mess but we are completely used to clearing up behind us as we work to leave your home in a clean and tidy state.

Wireless systems

Wireless systems offer the advantage of much reduced disruption as very little wiring needs to be installed other than a mains supply to the control panel. Choosing the correct equipment is essential as not all systems really meet the requirement to the give long term reliability we require but we evaluate all our products in depth before offering them to ensure full peace of mind. Beware some lo-cost systems on the market as they are unlikely to give trouble free operation: allow us to help you chose proven and reliable technology.

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