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Patient Call Systems

Looking after your loved ones can sometimes be very difficult as you cannot always be there for them when they need it. Likewise, those of us who need the confidence boost of having carers on-hand can feel guilty about the demands on our families.

A patient call system helps to keep you safe if anything goes wrong and reduces worry for carers. We all feel guilty and worried in these busy times about our elderly or disabled relatives. If you can't always be there, this is the next best thing.

If needed the user may press the call button and the main control unit will notify staff or family. If required, some systems may automatically dial a list of standard telephone numbers for help.

We have proven solutions suitable for the requirements of individual persons living in the community up to the needs of a busy hospital ward. We will be happy to discuss your requirements  on a confidential and no-obligation basis.

Residential Systems

Simple automated systems can offer a lot of confidence. Our systems can utilise call button pendants or wrist band buttons and will dial out when required to a number of standard or mobile phone numbers. Each number will be called until an answer is received and two way voice communications are established, either from the main controller or on some systems from the pendant itself. Using this method means that you are in control of the system yourself, it may be reconfigured if required for later use elsewhere, and there are no annual monitoring fees.

Nurse Call Systems

At the other end of the scale, a busy care home or a hospital ward has very different requirements. A full nurse call system will allow trained health staff to respond to each call accordingly, and offer a number of supplementary benefits such as nursing station information display units,  medical store alarms, staff attack and other essential features.