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Kitchen fire suppression  systems

Amerex offer the widest choice of approved kitchen fire suppression systems in the market with detection and suppression options to suit all requirements.

The system is listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc and tested to standard UL300. In addition the system is approved by  the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) in the UK to LPS1223.

ITS Ltd are trained and approved by Amerex EU to carry out design, supply, installation and maintenance of these systems.

Amerex KP system

The Amerex Kitchen Protection (KP) Restaurant Fire Suppression System gives appliance specific coverage that typically offers a very cost effective installation. This is ideal for situations where the appliance location is fixed such as in a fast food outlet or school cafeteria.

Amerex ZD system

The Amerex Zone Defence (ZD) Restaurant Fire Suppression offers greater flexibility than the KP system allowing you to reconfigure a kitchen and move appliances without moving nozzles. The suppression nozzles are evenly spaced and are situated high out of the way of normal kitchen activity, This gives a very cost effective solution for the lifetime ownership of a system in a dynamic kitchen which may be reconfigured from time-to-time to suit current needs.

Comparison of systems

The Amerex Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems are inherently more effective than others and  use a lower number of nozzles to meet the requirements of the recognized industry safety standards. As well as having fewer nozzles they use less Wet Chemical suppression agent  thanks to an overlapping spray design.

If the worst happens and and activation occurs, a standard Deep-Clean with detergent is usually all that is required before the system is recharged and you are ready to continue operations.

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